RAAN'S Mission

The Rural AIDS Action Network (RAAN) is a nonprofit, community-based organization whose mission is to /organize, develop and sustain caring communities of professionals and volunteers that serve and support persons living with, affected by, or at risk for HIV/AIDS in rural Minnesota.
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Programs and Services

RAAN realizes its mission through operating four core program areas:
  1. Coordinating HIV/AIDS Care. RAAN Medical Case Managers provide free HIV testing, outreach and counseling, provide individual education regarding HIV prevention, help PLWH/A access compassionate and competent medical care in their community, monitor medical and drug compliance, connect PLWH/A with social, emotional, and practical supports, and provide referrals for needed services. RAAN also assists clients on a limited basis with some HIV related medical expenses, including medications, doctor bills and transportation expenses.
  2. Building medical capacity for HIV/AIDS care in rural areas. RAAN seeks out and partners with rural primary medical care providers who are willing to give care for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH/A). RAAN provides or arranges training on HIV/AIDS treatment and medical care to update their skills and our Medical Director is available to answer questions or provide consultation. RAAN also partners with mental health, chemical health and dental providers. Click here for a list of current partners.
  3. Conducting public education on transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDS. RAAN seeks to slow the spread of HIV/AIDS through public education that is sensitive to the special needs and preferences of rural populations.
  4. Developing networks of citizen activists. Networks of public health staff, friends and family members of persons affected by HIV, faith community members, business leaders, and PLWH/A provide practical, emotional, and social supports to PLWH/A, bring credibility to the work of RAAN, and work to decrease fear and increase knowledge and compassion in their communities.


RAAN envisions rural communities where persons living with or affected by HIV/AIDS live dignified lives and receive appropriate and compassionate medical care, and where citizens understand the realities of transmission and prevention.

Core Values

We value the security created by compassion, confidentiality, and companionship; we champion the subsequent sense of safety which, replacing isolation with community, allows openness and growth, and nourishes the human spirit.

We value acceptance, inclusiveness, equality: we encourage empathetic involvement based on respect for others, and we embrace all that we can learn and achieve from our diversity.

We value each of our volunteers; we honor their hard work, their generosity, and their rural sensibilities -- the importance of community, family, friendship.

We value all support systems -- material and spiritual, volunteer and professional -- that actively promote dignity, autonomy, and choice, and we believe that such support should be readily accessible to persons living in rural areas.

We value every educational effort, formal or informal, which combats denial, fear, stigma and bigotry, and which promotes awareness, communication, understanding, and respect.

We value the dedication of communities of faith, and we celebrate the courage of rural churches, who have taken a leading role in supporting those affected by HIV/AIDS.

We dislike the use of religion as a means of cultivating intolerance.

We value the dynamism and insight of grassroots movements, and our shared commitment to the democratization of service and support through networking, collaboration, cooperation.

Rural AIDS Action Network
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