Free & Confidential HIV Testing

There are several rapid HIV tests currently approved by the FDA. RAAN offers two rapid test options: OraQuick is an oral test that screens for HIV antibodies in saliva and Clearview is a finger stick test that screens for HIV antibodies in blood. Preliminary results are available in 20 minutes.

  • All rapid tests look for the presence of HIV antibodies.
  • Results of rapid tests are either reactive or non-reactive.
  • A non-reactive test means that no HIV antibodies were detected by the test.
  • If the test result is reactive, meaning that HIV antibodies have been detected, a confirmatory test is required before a diagnosis of HIV infection can be given. A Western Blot test is generally used as the confirmatory test.

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RAAN offers free & confidential HIV tests at all of our offices across Minnesota. Check out our Service Area Map and see which office is the most convenient to get tested. If you are unable to travel to our office we may be able to meet you at a different location.